In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me:
As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free,
While God is marching on!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Modest Proposal

As long as we're on the subject of federal funding for Planned Parenthood, let's consider this: instead of "defunding" them, allow the organization all of the taxpayer dollars it gets now, on one condition: they don't perform abortions, and they don't give any money to anyone for the purpose of getting or performing an abortion. The federal government has long conditioned educational, highway, and other types of funding for state and local operations on the recipient's adherence to the government's demands, limitations, and regulations. Why not treat Planned Parenthood in the same way? Think of it: they could dispense all the mammograms, cancer screenings, and condoms they wanted to, as long as they didn't provide or facilitate abortions. No Republican war on women's health! No conspiracy to encourage the spread of STDs among minorities and the inner city poor! And since abortions constitute only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood's total health care services, according to its own figures, they should hardly miss the work, right? And (regrettably) there are other abortion providers out there, right?

Somehow I doubt they'd go for this deal either. But would it hurt for some courageous, enterprising Congressperson to submit the bill?

Just sayin'.

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JoJo said...

Excellent point! I'd vote for the bill!